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What Clients Really Say

Testimonial: 1/1/2020

"I am so grateful we found Paula. When my husband and I started seeing her, I had no idea how to move forward in our relationship, and felt very lost, stuck and uncertain of the future. However, Paula did what I feared was impossible-she brought us back to each other again and again.

Paula has an exceptional talent for what she does, and the utmost professionalism and ethics. Many times I saw her read myself and my husband so well, and then probe in just the right way at the right thing to get to the heart of the issue. She then explored these issues with us with sensitivity and exceptional competency. It is clear that Paula loves what she does, and genuinely cares about her clients."

Susan M

Boston, M


Testimonial: 5/30/2019

"She taught us how open and honest communication is essential to building intimacy, and our relationship is stronger now than it has ever been....Neither of us ever felt judged or favored! Paula treated us equally and go to know us both as individuals and as a couple. She is not afraid to give honest feedback, and we could tell that she was VERY invested in our success. We recommend Paula to anyone at any stage in their relationship."

John Z

Cambridge, MA


Testimonial: 1/4/2019

"My husband and I HIGHLY recommend Paula. Over the years, we had 2 other marriage counselors who did not help us, so I decided to look on Yelp for recommendations. I read some positive reviews and decided to go to her, although it meant a 45 minute drive each way to get to her. 

All I can say is GO TO HER and you will not regret it! I am writing this review as a "pay it forward" so that she can help more couples. The progress we have made has been incredible. She has also helped us in our relationships with our kids. 

Paula is warm, smart, compassionate, fun and non-judgemental....overall a fantastic marriage counselor. My only regret is not having found her many years ago! Please contact her. You will not be sorry you did."

Margie R

Worcester, MA


NOTE: ALL Testimonials are in the real words of actual clients. Identifying information has been changed to protect privacy.